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Frequently Asked Questions about Colon Cleansing

Why should I cleanse my colon?
How do I know if I need to do a colon cleanse?
What are the benefits of colon cleansing?
Is colon cleansing safe?
I'm constipated, will laxatives work as well as a colon cleansing?
How often should I cleanse my colon?
What's the difference between a floater and a sinker?
Do I need to fast during or before a colon cleanse?
What's the difference between a colon cleanse using the BIB Kit and an enema?
What's the difference between a colon cleanse using the BIB Kit and an colonic?
How long does it take to cleanse the colon with the BIB Kit?
What if I don't want to do it myself?
What kind of solution should I use?
What comes out when you do a colon irrigation?
What is a healing crisis?
What's the difference between the BIB Kit and the other colon cleansing units on the market?

Why should I cleanse my colon?

The wholistic approach includes an understanding that most illness and disease is caused by an unhealthy colon.  Colds, flu, cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and allergies are all examples of diseases caused by excessive amounts of poor-quality food combined with bad elimination.  When you don't eliminate properly, food waste can stay in your colon for days, weeks, months, even years, putrefying and then poisoning your entire system.  In most cases, seriousness of disease corresponds directly to the level of toxicity.  Did you know that 95% of Americans have clogged colons (US Health Service)?

A clean colon leads to improved health! Retained debris in the colon leads to absorption of toxins, resulting in "systemic" intoxication. Colon cleansing is simply the best way to remove toxins and waste from the body. Without proper bowel function, all other therapies, treatments, supplements or other aids, fall far short of their potential good.  Proper bowel function is essential to maintaining health, and if ill, to overcoming sickness and disease.

How do I know if I need to do a colon cleanse?

If you have any of these common symptoms of toxicity, you need to cleanse:
Skin problems
Bad breath or body odors
Mental dullness or poor memory
Fatigue or low energy
Joint aches (especially knees)
Excessive candida
Poor circulation
Lymph congestion
Stomach bloat or gas
Poor digestion
Weight gain
Premature aging

What are the benefits of colon cleansing?

Skin problems will clear up, you'll look younger, headaches vanish, pounds will be shed, energy level will increase, while aches, pains and stiffness become memories. 

Is colon cleansing safe?

In making the decision to self-treat, one must also accept responsibility for monitoring the body's response to that self-treatment protocol. Having said that, there are no direct side effects caused by colon irrigation; professional colonics, or personal bowel irrigation board use under sanitary conditions.  However, the process can stir up toxic material as it's being released which may cause a healing crisis. Toxins that were once dormant in the layers of mucous have been flushed out and a small amount may be re-absorbed into the system of the body. Some people experience flu-like symptoms such as nausea, headaches, or feel dizzy after a colonic, which is usually an indication that more cleansing is needed. The goal is to remove the toxicity, therefore a little momentary discomfort along the way toward vitality and well-being is well worth the effort.

Electrolyte balance after cleansing is also very important. We recommend taking acidophilus culture after colon cleansing, which can be purchased at any health food store.

I'm constipated, will laxatives work as well as a colon cleansing?

Laxatives, taken to evacuate the colon, are essentially poisons and irritants. They contribute nothing to restore the normal or natural processes of defecation. The irritated colon tries to evacuate the offending substance as quickly as possible, and pushes everything out including the compacted feces. Chronic use of laxatives will tire out the bowel muscle by keeping it constantly working. Without rest, it will soon fail and produce some of the conditions you are trying to avoid.

Often, the harsh poisonous substances used in laxatives are absorbed through the lymph and blood vessels and find their way to all parts of the body. This can contribute to dependence and overuse. Addiction to laxative compounds will in time, permanently destroy the normal ability of the bowel to eliminate naturally on its own.

How often should I cleanse my colon?

According to Dr. Bernard Jensen, at the very least, you should schedule a colon cleanse to coincide with the change of the seasons, four times a year.  However, colon cleansing is recommended whenever your body becomes ill or constipated.  Your cleansing schedule is a personal choice, after all, no one knows your body like you do and every body has different needs. 

Most people initially need a series of bowel irrigation's to get the body and the colon back into balance.  The key is listening to your own body to know if you need to cleanse daily, every three weeks, every quarter, or semi annually.  Colonic hyrdrotherapists generally recommend a series of colonics starting out, like once a month for several months.  Due to lifestyle, poor eating habits, environmental pollutants, medications, etc., we recommend a thorough cleanse whenever it is needed, and each time you become constipated, but at the very least quarterly. 

What's the difference between a floater and a sinker?

Stools that sink are a warning sign.  Stools that float indicate the presence of fiber and adequate fluids, and seamless fluffy floaters are a bonus.   Pencil shaped, string bean and rabbit food pellets are a warning sign.  These shapes indicate constrictions and impaction in the colon.  A beaded or “segmented “ stool also indicates a tendency toward constipation and potential for diverticulitis.  Noxious fumes indicate the presence of putrefying matter residing in your bowels.  The worst smelling stools belong to meat eaters, consumers of grease and fats and highly refined foods and sugars.  These foods tend to stay longer, and sometimes permanently in the intestinal track where they decay, putrefy and poison the body.  The shape of the stool is important, as well as the frequency of your movements –- the color, length and circumference are the signals that your colon uses to communicate and to help you monitor your health.

Do I need to fast during or before a colon cleanse?

It isn't necessary.  If you've never fasted before, do a colon cleanse first and learn more about your body's needs before going into a fast.  The key is to educate yourself in order to take responsibility for your health. 

Some people believe that colon cleansing is only beneficial when accompanied by fasting.  This is simply not true.  In fact, if you're new to detoxification efforts and not sure what you're doing, it is a speedy way to undermine and devitalize the body.  It's important to weigh the benefits based on your individual situation.  For instance, if you suffer from hypoglycemia, fasting along with colon cleansing is not advised.

What's the difference between a colon cleanse using the BIB Kit and an enema?

Colon cleansing or bowel irrigation should not be confused with a typical enema.   A typical enema uses only a quart of solution at a time, whereas the BIB Kit will gently, slowly, and thoroughly flush the colon with about 4 gallons of water during a single irrigation.   Enemas flush out the sigmoid (pouch at the end of the colon near the rectum) and a small part of the descending colon, but they do not reach the transverse and ascending portions.  And, enemas are usually messy to handle, and require getting down on all fours, while the BIB Kit allows you to lay comfortably on the board for the entire treatment which is conveniently mess free. 

What's the difference between a colon cleanse using the BIB Kit and an colonic?

Colon cleansing or bowel irrigation should not be confused with colonics.   A colonic  should only be administered by professional colon hyrdrotherapist. A colonic session can cost between $60 and $150 per session, depending on your geographic location.  After that experience, you'll realize how easy and safe it is to perform a colon cleanse and you may wish to do future cleansing at home. 

The BIB Kit works entirely by gravity-flow (as recommended by Dr. Jensen), no pumps, no supervision or special skills are needed.  The cost of the BIB Kit pays for itself when compared to the cost of professional colonic treatments. The number of intestinal irrigation treatments varies depending upon each individual's condition. Colon hyrdrotherapists typically recommend a series of 5 sessions (at $75 x 5, that's $375 per person), compared to the BIB Kit at $199.99 (plus S+H) the savings is substantial.

The BIB Kit is simply safer, easier, cheaper, and more convenient than a professional colonic treatment and you'll always have it handy to use in the privacy and comfort of home. While home convenience is wonderful, the most important benefit of setting up your own colon irrigation system is being able to control the sanitary conditions, making sure the water is pure and making sure the equipment is thoroughly disinfected.

The BIB Kit was designed for personal use and allows for home colon cleansing.  The pencil sized proctel (rectal) tip is inserted no more than 3 inches. 

How long does it take to cleanse the colon with the BIB Kit?

A colon cleanse can take from 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the user and the amount of solution used.

What if I don't want to do it myself?

If you are unwilling to administer your own colon cleanse, find a qualified colon hydrotherapist in your area.  They will administer a colonic irrigation that is pump-generated, and can only be done under supervision of a trained therapist.  Colonics vary greatly in their effects due largely to the expertise of the technician. Be certain that the colon therapist practices proper hygiene by keeping the office disinfected and using disposable tips or autoclaves.

A colonic session can cost between $60 and $150, depending on your geographic location.  After that experience, you may realize how easy and safe it is to perform a colon cleanse and wish to do future cleansing on your own.

To locate a qualified practitioner in your area, The Colon Health Network offers a website that may be of help: http://www.colonhealth.net/therapist_search/search.htm
or, visit the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy (IACT) website at:

What kind of solution should I use?

It is helpful to know the effectiveness of different enema solutions. Some specialists recommend nothing but distilled water, (especially advocates of fasting), while some say distilled water may irritate the bowel.  Water for colonics and enemas should be either "spring" water or water that has had the chlorine filtered out.  

To the 4 gallon reservoir of warm (100-105F) water you may add strong boiled coffee, which stimulates the natural peristaltic contractions and contains acids that will help remove mucous and cleanse the colon wall.  If you are overly sensitive to caffeine, you can substitute fresh garlic juice, or fresh lemon juice. Flaxseed tea makes a soothing solution, while buttermilk feeds the friendly bacteria.  Coffee solution stimulates the bowel and helps to reduce the bile level in the liver. Choose your cleansing solution based on your personal condition and desired effect.  If you suffer from extreme allergic sensitivity, or serious illness or degenerative disease, distilled water is recommended. 

As you can see, there are many options for colon cleansing solutions depending on the desired effect.  There are also numerous products on the market.   It's important to know that solutions can be prepared from common ingredients found in most households, and that each recipe provides a different effect.  It's entirely up to you.

Some Solution Possibilities include:

Oil Solution

Can offset the possible depleting aspects of colon irrigation while helping in the eliminative process. Oils, such as sesame or castor, are useful since they are calming to the nervous system.

Herbal Solution

Combine herbs from the four categories according to individual situation, and desired effect.

Bitter herbs (wormwood, gentian, yarrow, turmeric, golden seal, aloe, willow bark) aid in the release of bile, help parasites, hypertension, fevers and heat.

Astringent herbs (comfrey root, slippery elm, bayberry bark, myrrh, cranesbill) tone the intestinal tissue and aid in prolapse and hemorrhoids.

Spicy herbs (black & red peppers, ginger, mustard seeds, cardamom, basil, oregano, marjoram, thyme, garlic, onion) stimulate circulation, aid digestion and eliminate gas.

Calming herbs (lavender, catnip, comfrey, valerian root) alleviate gas and are calming to the nervous system. 

Eliminative Solution

For parasites, use equal parts garlic, wormwood and bayberry bark in a tea.

Nutritive Solution

For weak digestion and assimilation, deficient favorable bacteria, combine fermented barley or whole grain water, tamari soy sauce mixed w/water combined with a tea of marrow, meat, chicken, sesame, or olive oil.

There are numerous reference sources that provide in-depth explanations of enema solution recipes and their effects.  We recommend using a reliable qualified source to discover what options would work best for you.

What comes out when you do a colon irrigation?

Our own experience, and other BIB Kit users report expelling grape seeds, thick mucous, chunks of putrefied and indigestible food waste, even raw meat, chewing gum, popcorn kernels (actually eaten months before), parasites, thick black or brown rope (which is old, solidified mucous), worms, and toxic cellular waste.

What is a healing crisis?

A healing crisis is the opposite of a dis-ease crisis yet in many ways feels the same, and symptoms are often similar. It's very important to make the distinction between the symptoms of dis-ease process and those of the healing process.

Healing crisis usually occurs after a period of increased well-being, and may last a few days.  Each healing crisis releases physical problems from the past.  When a healing crisis comes, do not attempt to stop it!  This confuses most people because, "If I feel sick, I must be sick,"  when in actuality, the discomfort of the healing crisis is an indication of your own body working to heal itself, from the inside, out.

The fastest, easiest and most effective method to promote healing is to detoxify the tissue.  Colon cleansing is an all important step in this process.  A cleansing program ultimately leads to the beneficial and important healing crisis, which manifests as the recurrence of old physical problems, such as a runny nose, flu-like symptoms, and fever which occurs to burn out toxic waste.   The ills that were once suppressed by drugs are now released.  As one continues a healthful pattern of living through good nutritional practice (the science of food combining known as Trophology), one may experience several healing crises, each time releasing past problems.  This is a sure sign that the right path has been taken and that the body has gained the strength to heal itself naturally.  Our body does its best with what we give it, therefore, we must learn to work with nature and not against it.

Typically, as a condition proceeds toward the chronic stage, the allopathic approach calls for powerful drugs to suppress symptoms.  To begin the reversal path and get back to a higher level of health, we must retrace the path back, from illness back to wellness.  To bring about a reversal, and a healing, we must understand that suppression is the wrong way to go.  Rejuvenation cannot be accomplished by using drugs or suppressing symptoms.  Elimination of toxic material must be assisted rather than repressed.

"There is a tremendous need to make a distinction between the symptoms of a disease process and those of the healing process." Dr. Bernard Jensen

Herings Law of Cure explains the distinct differences between the development of the disease process and the healing process.  There are differences between the symptoms manifested by disease from the symptoms of healing a disease. 

Herings Law of Cure states, "All cure comes from within out, from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared in the body."   As we adopt right eating and living habits, our body reacts to these new behaviors.  The state of health will retrace backward via the same path that led us to disease in the first place.

By working toward a healing crisis you can activate the location of chronic settlements and toxins that create weakness in the body.  When the old waste matter is activated, or stirred up, it returns to the bloodstream and begins the process of being eliminated from the body.  It isn't pleasant to experience, but necessary for healing to occur.  As the toxins become free flowing, they work their way out through the eliminative channels and orifices of the body.   Don't settle for short term suppression, reach for long term tissue rejuvenation through bowel cleansing.  Toxins can be eliminated by colon cleansing and good nutrition, which is a more natural wholistic approach to make us whole again. 

Dr. Bernard Jensen sums it up well by stressing that what's important for elevating your good health is not the cleansing program, but the nurturing and healing of body and soul that takes place after the cleanse. He said, "As you have built up conditions in the body through foods, pollution, overwork, enervation, lifestyle, etc., we have to learn our lesson and go back over them and relive them, so to speak. You can expect all of those problems to return as you get well."

What's the difference between the BIB Kit and the other colon cleansing units on the market?

Most manufacturers designed their products based on the 1970s original hard fiberglass basic unit. 

The BIB Kit was designed for comfort and ease of use and to be complete and ready to use upon delivery.  No searching for a pail, no looking for the "right size" chair to prop up the head of the board, and no evacuation tube; because evacuating through a tube means the exit flow is restricted by the diameter of the tube.

All other products on the market are smaller in dimension, and not suitable or comfortable for big people.  Most other products are categorized as basic or budget boards.  Our product was specifically designed for comfort and has 2 full inches of padding.  Although padding is optional (costs extra) with other units found on the market, it's thinner, not attached, and isn't as comfortable as the BIB Kit.

We provide a wall mount hook to support the reservoir.  One manufacturer even requires the purchase of a large standing cabinet with their unit (cannot be sold separately), which seems wasteful, both in terms of shipping costs and storage space.  There's no need for extras or unnecessary components with the BIB Kit.

Beneficial Rid your body of toxins and poisons that have been accumulating for years to allow the proper assimilation of nutrients
Convenient It's there when you need it, detoxify tissue safely in the privacy and convenience of your own home
Effective According to the experts, bowel cleansing is the most efficient method for detoxifying the tissue and rejuvenating your health
Economical The cost of the BIB Kit pays for itself when compared to the cost of professional colon irrigation treatments (about $50 per treatment), multiplied by each family member, the savings is substantial
Fast No assembly required, set up in less time than it takes to make a pot of coffee
Sanitary The unique disposable BIB sleeve allows fast and easy clean up, no fuss, no mess to deal with

Easy to set-up ~ Safe and simple to use

The other major difference between the BIB kit and other home cleansing units is price.   We simply provide the best product for the best price, and we're proud of that!

Thanks for stopping by!

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You can now read Dr. Jensen's book online at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bowelcleanse/files/DrJensen/tissue_cleansing.htm

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