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How to measure for a Custom BIB Kit:
With the toilet seat in the up position, simply measure out horizontally across the bowl from the hinges to the wall, then subtract an inch for clearance when placing the board against the wall. This will give you the exact space available for your board.

measure for the length of your board

torso measurement

A torso measurement is needed to determine the length of your board.  Most people measure between 32" - 37" from top of the head to their seat. Add 8" to your torso length for the total length of your board. Be sure to allow for 1" clearance between the end of the board and the wall, if necessary.

There is NO additional charge for a Custom BIB Kit

B.I.B. Kit = Bowel Irrigation Board Kit

The Complete Colon Cleansing Home Kit or the BIB Kit is 22" x 46", and is designed for comfort.  Also, the BIB Kit can be customized to fit your specifications. With your dimensions, we will design a colon care home kit that will fit your needs and your space.  This complete health kit includes everything you need to safely, gently cleanse your colon through bowel irrigation, in the comfort and privacy of your home.  The Kit works gently with gravity-flow and allows bowel evacuation at will (not through a tube), without the removal of the tip, or having to get off the board.  The water flow is manually controlled for maximum comfort.   Wastewater is drained directly into the toilet (or into a pail  when using a freestanding kit) through our unique BIB sleeve.  The BIB sleeve acts as a sanitary shield and there is virtually NO MESS on the board, or anywhere else, to clean up.

A Freestanding BIB Kit was designed for the comfort of those who are ill,  bedridden, or otherwise unable to be ambulatory (up and around). The free-standing board can be set-up next to the bedside and comes with its own 5-gallon pail to catch the waste, eliminating the need to move to the toilet.   The freestanding board kit provides flexibility since it can be set up virtually anywhere. It is also convenient to have if your space is limited or you only have one bathroom.  The freestanding kit includes all the components of the standard kit plus an additional leg assembly and the 5-gallon pail (with lid) to catch waste.

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