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BIB Kit Testimonials

The BIB Kit works! It is so simple and easy to use even for a beginner like myself. The long term investment of increased energy and a high quality of life far outweighs the small price. Thank you for making this such a simple and practical means of enhancing my well being!   Phil, Hoboken, New Jersey

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Just wanted to let you know how good I am feeling after using your BIB Kit.  I have been ill for about 7 months and husband and I have been everywhere and tried everything in the vast medical arena (regular medical doctors and alternative health professionals) to get me better. All helped a little bit but nothing worked as dramatic as your BIB kit! My husband happened to be scanning the internet and found your site and read what you had to say about the BIBkit.  We talked it over and decided to buy it and give it a try. It is the best investment we ever made. After only a couple treatments I was feeling much better and now I actually look forward to doing it. At first I couldn't even get on the board without help and now I can get on and off by myself.

It has been about 6 weeks and I am doing great. I feel like I am finally getting back to my old self. Thanks so much for being so helpful and answering all our questions and making suggestions.

Sincerely yours,   Carol from Franklin, New York

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It was good talking to someone with the same wholistic outlook as myself and my husband's. I've told a few friends of mine what I did about buying the "BIB Kit" and I'll be sure and recommend Wholistic Health Solutions.

I wanted to let you know how my cleanse went. First of all, I decided to do the "cleanse" as suggested in Jason Winter's book, "In Search of the Perfect Cleanse".  I had done this same cleanse in 1991 and it was very successful! However, I do have to tell you that having the "BIB Kit" made all the difference in the world. Since you had made me the "Free Standing Board" I found that it was most relaxing and comfortable. The Jason Winters Colon Cleanse takes seven days and within those seven days I lost 10 lbs. When I started the cleanse my face was very puffy and gray looking. Within three days I noticed the puffiness had gone away and my face had color again. I was really happy to see my cheek bones again. During the Colon Cleanse I couldn't believe all the yucky stuff that was coming out of me! I now feel great and proud of myself again. Thank you for putting out a very comfortable and easy home "Colon Cleansing Kit". I'm so pleased with it that I told my husband, "Don't worry about a Christmas present for me, I already bought my gift"...meaning the BIB KIT.

Thanks again!

Take care and good health!   N. Faulkner, Nevada

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The bowel board is a wonderful product. The ability to rid your body of extra waste matter is physically a great feeling, and the bowel board makes this process easy. With regular use of the board, extra weight seems to slide away, my energy increases and my overall mood improves. Thanks for creating this unique product and providing so much information regarding colon health.  Emily C., Tennessee

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During the year 1997 I had major surgery five times.  This caused a problem with my intestines.  I had intestinal blockage three times since then.   The first two times I had to go to the hospital, got a tube put down my throat, lost time at work and had to pay a fortune for the hospital stay.  The last time I had the same type of blockage, I suffered for five days.  Then I decided to use the Bowel Irrigation Board to get some relief.  I doubted that it would help a problem so serious but was willing to do anything at that point.  The first time I used it, the pain subsided and I passed an unbelievable amount of "stuff."  I used it again the following day and haven't had a problem since.  What a difference it made!

Because I felt better, the next day I started eating the usual "junk" that most of us put into our stomachs.  Within the hour, I was really nauseous.  Again, I eventually got on the board and cleaned out the "garbage."   My body let me know I was doing the wrong thing.

Now I think about the type of food I put into my body and I now use the board periodically to make sure I don't ever have to go through a blockage again.

Thank you for the important lesson!   Carol T., Tennessee

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Just wanted you to know I love the BIB Kit.  I didn't have a bit of trouble, your directions were good and the design is both comfortable and safe feeling.

Thanks so much for doing such a good job.  I know my health will be better for your efforts.  Doris K., Tennessee

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Ear Cone Testimonials

I have to let you know how pleased I am with your ear cones.  I started coning because I have Mieneer's disease, and my ears always ring and feel as if I'm underwater.  At times I have uncontrollable vertigo.  I tried coning and it has given me more relief than I could dare hope for. Then I tried it on my grandchildren.   They now beg me to clean their ears.  But, the real story of success is my 17 year old Manx cat; Miss Kitty, has had ear trouble for the last few years.  She goes to the Vet and gets medicine, but nothing seems to stop her from constantly scratching at her ear.  I decided to cone her ear.   I wasn't sure if I could get her to cooperate.  She only does exactly as she wants.  To the surprise of every one in the house, she loved it.  She laid on my lap and purred.  I got a 4 inch line-as thick as a pencil- out of her ear.  She has not been scratching her ear for at least two weeks.  Bettye Bryan

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