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ear candle photo of trimmable tapered tip


Ear Candling Tip:  Bee's wax is naturally very soft and pliable. If your candles become warm or soft, place them in the freezer for about 10 minutes.



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Ear Candling Tip:
Use plastic wrap or foil to cover and protect the inside of the bowl from the burnt ash, wax, and debris


















1) Trim the tapered tip of the ear candle with sharp scissors to adjust it to your ear canal size. It should fit snugly in your ear canal and not touch your eardrum.

2)  After trimming your beeswax ear candle, the tip will need re-opening, do this by rolling the ear candle in your fingers or by inserting a toothpick into the ear candle and opening it up.

3)  After lighting the opposite end, (larger opening) hold it vertical (like a regular candle) with your finger over the bottom for about 10 or 15 seconds. Make sure smoke comes from the trimmed tip before inserting into your ear. This insures a slight vacuum from the smoke column.

4)  Relax your body and mind and think of the column of smoke as removing toxins from your body.

Read Below for further information from Wholistic HEALTH Solutions – About trimming and using our Beeswaxearcandles product.

SIZE DOES MATTER: Everyone’s ear is different (size, shape and angle) and only way to address this issue is to have a trim-able tapered tip to accommodate small to large ear canals. For instance, large men, infants would possibly need the tip trimmed to fit the different size ear openings. We did this at the request of a practitioner who said most ear candles on the market had too large of a hole, didn’t work very well and would not produce the positive results. That is why we developed the tapered tip. 

POOR FIT: A poor fit of the ear candle may be the reason people are getting no results or poor results. We have used this design successfully for over four years and as a result of the trim-able tapered tip, customer’s comments tell us we have the best ear candles on the market because of this feature alone. Some customers never received any benefit because the ear candles wouldn’t fit their ears properly.

HOW AND WHY: We tell all our customers about the trimming of the tip. As per our instruction we say, "Trim the tapered end with scissors to fit the ear canal. After you trim it will flatten. Simply open the hole by rolling it gently between your fingers, a toothpick may be necessary to pick open the hole, then gently roll it back to a round shaped. Light the large end of the ear candle – hold it vertical and place your fingertip on the bottom (small end) and hold while the smoke trails down to the tapered tip in about 10-15 seconds. If it is slow to trail down, bob the ear candle up and down a couple of times with your fingertip off of the small end. When you see smoke coming from the small end of the ear candle it is ready for inserting. Twist it gently to tighten the fit in the ear canal. Do not let it touch the ear drum. The practitioner should have one pair of scissors for trimming the tip and one pair of scissors for trimming the ash for hygiene reasons.

LAY OR SIT:  Most people lay down on their side to position the ear candle. When candling in this position the ear candle should be at no more than a 60 degree angle so melting wax won’t drop straight onto the eardrum. If you are candling in the sitting position, place the ear candle in about a 0-30 degree angle. This produces more pressure than if the ear candle was truly vertical. This is a comfortable position and prevents melting wax from touch delicate membrane. Also, in the sitting position, the ear candle rarely get blocked (by wax and ash), and when the tip is trimmed properly the likelihood of getting the blockage is rare. More and more home practitioners report the sitting position as the safest and produces the desired results.

YELLOW POWDER?  Our ear candles are designed to be trimmed so the user has a proper ear canal fit. If you don’t trim the tip properly you will continue having the powder problems. The powder is one of the major complaint or problem people have about candling. This is because the air is being sucked in due to a poor fit to their personal size ear canal opening. This is reason why you have all this powder residue you’re talking about. Please forward this information to your customers so they will not be disappointed and also receive the results they are looking for. It is critically important to have the perfect fit for each person’s ear canal opening.

INSTRUCTION ON HOW TO USE YOUR BEESWAX EAR CANDLES:  Pure & Natural Ear Candles, a paper or aluminum pie plate, sharp flat scissors, matches, a small bowl of water (cover bowl with foil for easy disposal of waste), a pillow and a person to assist.

Ear candling, A Centuries-old Home Remedy In ear candling, hand washing should be observed before, during, and after each ear candling session to guard against infection from germs, virus, or fungus that might be present. Allow 10 to 15 minutes for each ear candle used, adults use a minimum of two ear candles per ear per session

Have the person being ear candled lie on their side with a pillow under the person’s head for comfort and to bring the head up even with the shoulder, allowing the ear to be as level as possible. Cover the person’s hair and shoulder for protection from the fire, dripping wax with a cloth, towel, or fire retardant covering (like aluminum foil), leaving the ear exposed.

Trim ear candle to fit the ear photo Look into the person's ear to determine the size of the opening. Trim the tip of the ear candle to match the size of the opening to insure a good seal when the ear candle is inserted into the ear. Using your fingers, make the hole round again.
ear candle safety paper plate Using sharp scissors cut an X in the paper plate, big enough to insert the ear candle snugly. Insert the small end of the ear candle through the face guard (paper plate) and light the large end of the ear candle.
prime the ear candle for smoke through tube Before inserting the ear candle into the ear, prime the smoke through the tube by placing your finger on the tapered end for about 10 seconds.
when you see smoke ear candle is ready for insertion When you see smoke coming from the small end of the ear candle it is ready for insertion.

Gently but firmly place the small end of the ear candle into the ear opening. Make sure it is well seated in the ear by gently twisting or turning the ear candle. If you see smoke around the ear hole, the ear candle is not well seated. Adjust ear candle until a good seal is established. When the ear candle is not well sealed, air gets in creating a powdery residue on the inside of the ear candle, do not be alarmed, it simply means you do not have a proper seal. Use a gentle twisting or turning motion to gently place the ear candle into the ear opening.

Most people find the procedure very relaxing since there should is no pain or discomfort at any time during the candling process. If the person finds it uncomfortable, stop immediately. The person being ear candled will hear constant crackling sounds of the fire during the candling process.

on Ear candle, Cut the burnt ash halfway between the flame and the burnt end photo As the ear candle burns the beeswax and cotton cloth, the ash will curl inward and it must be cut off to keep the ear candle open at the top. Cut the burnt material halfway between the flame and the burnt end. Open the scissors wide, cut and lift up; then put the ash into the bowl of water.

The flame may appear to burn higher at times, which is due to burning of the material being drawn from the ear. When pulling out heavy ear debris, the ear candle will burn and consume some of it. While the ear candle is burning the flame itself can go up from 2 to 6 inches while there is wax or debris being pulled.

extinguish ear candle in water Allow the ear candle to burn down to about 3-4 inches above the plate guard. Remove the ear candle and the plate with both hands. Pull the ear candle carefully from the plate and snuff out the fire by dipping the end of the ear candle into the bowl of water. DO NOT snuff the ear candle out while it is the person’s ear. Blowing the ear candle out creates more smoke and some flying ashes, so extinguish the ear candle in water.

To open and view the remains, use sharp scissors to cut the ear candle vertically. The remains will consist of earwax, beeswax, possibly infection and/or other debris. If the person wishes to keep their candling remains, secure them in a small plastic ziplock bag. Use caution when handling the remains, as they may be infectious.

After both ears have been done, wipe out the outer ear with a moist towel or use glycerin on a cotton swab and gently cleanse the inner surface of the outer ear. Cotton should be worn in the ears to protect from wind and debris until the ear can regenerate a new wax coating, about a day is sufficient. You may also use some glycerin or ear oil on the cotton balls. If working outdoors, especially in wind, protection is recommended.

Remember, ear candling is a home remedy and is not a cure for any disease or specific ailment. Candling is not designed to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment when it is indicated. It's important to note that some people should not use ear candles. For instance, people who have had ear, nose, throat or sinus surgery recently, and those with tubes in the ears are not candidates for candling. Anyone with ear drum rupture, perforation, or experiencing bleeding of the ear, should see a doctor as this indicates a more serious ear problem than candling can address. As with all home remedies, anyone using ear candles must assume full responsibility for their use and should always follow the manufacturers instructions.

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